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Education Program

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Our courses

Union education in the National Capital Region is spread on three semesters: winter (January to April), spring (May and June) and fall (September to December).???

Our core program includes: Talking Union Basics (TUB), Grievance Handling,?Local Officer,?Health and Safety, and Human Rights related education.

Here is a list of our current courses.

Our purpose

The overall purpose of the PSAC Education Program is to build the capacity among members to reflect and act, to shift the balance of power towards justice in the workplace and society.

How do we do this?

  • By?engaging?members who choose to contribute. Whether they?want to become activists or interested members, members?should be able to find spaces where they can engage with union values and networks, and be inspired to participate in collective action.?
  • By?expanding?members’ experience of their union as a window into the world of social justice. A necessary part of education is to move all members beyond their comfort zones, current range of interests and networks. The willingness to be “stretched” is a key to real transformation.
  • By?equipping?members who step forward to represent others. Members?have a right to practical tools. Members?need the knowledge, skills and attitudes that can make them effective and strategic in their interventions in the workplace, the labour movement and the broader society. Members (active or not) also need to be equipped with the basics about how their union operates, so they can participate easily and effectively.
  • By?energizing?members who are discouraged. Given the state of the world, the slowness of change both inside and outside the union, and the weight of arbitrary employer actions, the education program should be a place of renewal and encouragement.

Education's Committee email :?ncr-education-rcn@psac-afpc.com

Upcoming Education Program Events